Four of my woodcuts will be on display at the William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art Gallery in Houston Texas, during their May Contemporary Texas Artist Show.


The opening is May 7, 6:00 to 8:30 PM.


The Texas Aesthetic X exhibition is billed as follows in the gallery material: "In what has become one of the state’s most popular and highly-regarded “annuals” of classic Texas painting, the gallery hosts its tenth version of The Texas Aesthetic, dedicated to the ongoing search ...for “Texas” in Texas art. The exhibition features the gallery’s Contemporary Texas Regionalists from all over the state as well as an invited group of guest artists. The show always teems with incredible selections, all of which combine to offer compelling statements and rich insights into the quality, diversity, and endearing attributes of traditional Texas painting. "

I am among the invited group of guest artists.



I also now have works in the permanent archived collection of the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock , TX.  Click here to see>


Craig is honored to be added to the Artist Printmaker Research Collection housed at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.  The collection, described on its web site (ArtistPrintmakerResearchCollection.Org) as follows:


“The AP/RC .  .  .

“encompasses extensive collections of original prints, photographs and related research and archival materials of 20th and 21st century artist-printmakers and artist-photographers. The AP/RC is an unparalleled collection of photographs, prints, proofs, states, editions, mylars, drawings, print matrices, archival resources and more by and about individual artists. The collection strives to represent each artist in depth. We are concerned with the final work of art and how the artist reached that end.

“Housed in the Art Division of the Museum of Texas Tech University the collection supports education, research, publication and exhibition of American prints and printmakers. The AP/RC focuses its attention on art and artists who have had a demonstrable impact on the artistic environment of arid and semi-arid regions west of the Mississippi River and east of the Pacific Coast. The AP/RC serves artists, art historians, curators, cultural historians, critics, students, and anyone interested in American art and printmaking through in depth collection, preservation and accessibility to the art and archives of individual printmakers and photographers.”

Craig’s work is being archived!


Craig is pleased as well to have his work newly represented by Artisans Connect gallery on the courthouse square in Georgetown, TX.  Stop in and talk to the owner, Diane Gaume, who moved from New York City to open this gallery in Georgetown.







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